Thursday, January 25, 2018

Across Australia - Katanning to Kingaroy

In June 2013 I moved my plane from WA to Qld. 

I followed a front across and because so got favorable tailwinds.

I cruise just under 90Kts but got ground speeds of 105 to 115 Kts because of the south westerly winds behind the front. The only adverse weather was on day three when I caught the front at Port Augusta and had to fly under cloud through a pass in the Flinders Range. 

Day one Katanning to Esperance to stay with friends. 

Day two Esperance (Myrup), fuel at Caiguna, Eulca wee break, Nullabor Roadhouse for fuel to Ceduna. 

Day Three Ceduna to Port Augusta and Mildura for fuel then Temora. 

Layover day four with friends at Temora. 

Day Five Temora to Narromine for fuel and then to Steve Hunt's farm near Warialda for lunch and fuel, then home to Kingaroy. 

All up with favourable winds the first three days the flight took 22 hours and I covered a distance of 2200 nautical miles. 
Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Across OZ pics

 Katanning to Esperance
 Leaving Esperance sun up day 2
 The Ninety Mile Straight
 Great Australian Bight and highway in background

 viewing area off highway and cave below

 Nullarbor Road house refill - Seeing everyone was taking pics
I asked for someone to take one with my camera

 Mother and calf - Head of the Bight
 Between Ceduna and Port Augusta - Day 3
 Lake Gairdner - SA
 Lake Gairdner
 Boolaroo Centre
 Wind generators in the Clair Valley

 Victoria left / SA right
Newell Highway
 Warrumbungle mountains - Day 4
 Macintyre River NSW-Qld Border
ABC Radio tower at Dalby
My beloved Bunya Mountains - from the Dalby side

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Across Oz West to East

High folks!

At the end of May 2013 or early June I am planing ot fly my Skyranger from Katanning WA to Kingaroy Qld.  It should take about 25-30 hrs flying time if all goes to plan.

This is my planned planned route.


Monday, March 11, 2013

This video was inspired by the Concord television comercials from the 1970s.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Enjoy my latest video - Shannon Noll - Learn to Fly.  Which I believe you should!